The End of Health Class?

In a prior post I mentioned how the class I teach is likely going to be phased out over the next 2 years to make room for a NGSS compliant full-year 7th grade science class. I’ve experienced a spectrum of emotions about this since I was first given the news back in February. Now, I’m … More The End of Health Class?

Modern Dads?

[Originally Published 06.15.2013] This week I picked up a copy of ParentingOC magazine. The cover caught my attention. “Modern Dads” — I thought, “Finally, dads are going to get some credit for the things we do.” Too often in the media nowadays, dads are portrayed as clueless, incompetent, idiots. The article was going to cover … More Modern Dads?

Where Are You From?

[Originally Published 05.29.2013] I saw this video on FB this afternoon. My wife and I had a good laugh but it got me thinking… Although it’s been a long time, I’ve been asked “Where are you from?” many times. This question sometimes came in the form of “What are you?” As a kid, the question … More Where Are You From?