I was a Junk Food Vegan

Today is 6th Anniversary of being vegan!

When I first decided to transition from vegetarian to vegan in December 2013, one of the motivators was my health. I cooked a lot at home, meal prepped, and ate mostly whole foods with the occasional processed faux meat alternative. I also went gluten free around the same time. This, combined with regular exercise, I felt great! I was off of my blood pressure meds and I was keeping diabetes at bay. IMG_1237.jpegIMG_1239.jpeg

Fast forward a couple of years and life got very busy. To keep my teaching job, I had to go back to school to add an authorization to my credential. Juggling work, school, family, and running took its toll and the increasingly available processed vegan food products became a staple in my diet. They were convenient and delicious!

Before I knew it, I was a junk food vegan!

Prior to being vegan, prior to being vegetarian, prior to my healthier lifestyle journey, I was a junk food junky. I love fast food. I love fries. I love pizza. I love ice cream. I love pastries. And I found myself over-indulging in vegan junk food.IMG_1812.jpegIMG_1779.jpegIMG_2287.jpeg

*Disclaimer: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with vegan junk food. Like I said, I love it! But if part of your goal is health, then vegan junk food should be consumed in moderation. Also, it is not my intent to shame or blame anyone who enjoys processed vegan food. I’m only reflecting on my own health experience here.

Late 2018 brought a wake-up call regarding my health. So 2019 brought in the first phase in changes: I seriously reduced my sugar intake and I started taking B12 and D3 supplements daily. I worked on getting back into fitness… I’m still working on that.

For 2020, I will continue to work my way back to better health. The next phase will include eating out less, eating less processed food and consuming more whole food, and getting back to a regular fitness regimen.

Will I still indulge in vegan junk? Sure! I just won’t over-indulge in it anymore. In 2020, I will still be vegan, but I’ll be vegan strong.IMG_3402.jpeg



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