Getting the Runs Back

I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to get up and running again. While it’s been frustrating that I have less endurance and I’m slower than I was a couple of years ago, it feels good to be moving again.

One of the toughest things for me is getting the motivation to get out the door to run. One way I’ve tried to combat that is by signing up for group runs. I haven’t done many of them lately but the few recent ones were great!

At the end of May, I of kicked off my comeback by joining Jessica (@sugarruns) and the Oiselle Flight Club for a run in Long Beach. (photo credit:
I scheduled a NMAOC group run in early June but but no one showed up for the rainy run. Lol.
In mid-June I ran with Sparkle Athletic‘s Team Sparkle on one of their trail runs. I’m grateful that they let me run with them even though I wasn’t wearing a Sparkle Skirt. (photo credit:
Last weekend, I ran with @carleemcdot and the #BadAssLadyGang to support their #SportBraSquad run. (photo credit:

In addition to these in-person group runs, I was also involved in a challenge with a virtual group in the month of June hosted by Jen @pinkcupcakegirl called #StreakingwiththeCOOLKIDS. The requirements were to run, jog, or walk at least one mile each day during the month of June. I completed the 30-day streak and ended with 67.7 miles in June.

I’m planning to continue the streak in July but this time with more running miles. Hopefully I can build my base back up and start to get faster again. Wish me luck!

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