LA Marathon Weekend Part 1

I never entertained the thought of finishing a marathon a few years ago. But on Valentine’s Day, I did just that.  Here is part 1 of a long overdue race recap.


I was pretty excited to drive up to the Expo on Saturday morning. Not only was I going to pick up my bib, but I was going to watch the U.S. Olympic Trials and attend the WeRunSocial meet up.  But it totally made my day when I bumped into some friends so I didn’t have to be alone all morning.

It made my day to run into Andrea @andreabarber, Carlee @carleemcdot, and Linzie @sharpendurance at the Expo!

It was hot out but we were lucky to find a shady spot along the Olympic Trials route.

Seeing all of these amazing athletes compete was awe-inspiring.
Wow.  Just wow.  I left the Olympic Trials super motivated to rock my marathon the next day… of course my performance was going to be much slower. Haha!

Next, we made our way back into the Convention Center for the WeRunSocial meet up.  It’s always fun to see friends, meet new people, and connect social media profiles to the real people behind them.

Smitha @runningwithsd, Casey @caseyruns, Heather @sloluckyruns, & Jennifer @solehealth

#werunsocial is the hash. @werunsocial is the crew.
After this day’s events, I was stoked about running the LA Marathon the next day!

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