I’ve Lost My Mojo

So, a couple of months ago I thought it would be a good idea to sign up for the LA Marathon.  I figured that it’s about time that I run a full marathon since I’ve got a few half marathons under my belt now.  Plus, who knows how long it will be before my body tells me I can’t run anymore.  Now is the time!  Right?

Training was going pretty well.  That is up until a couple of weeks ago.  I woke up violently ill the morning of a scheduled 20-miler with UnitedLA so I didn’t run.  I haven’t run consistently since before then.  Last weekend, I  had to take it easy because I was on Field Control Therapy… I ran a 5-miler that felt more difficult than it should have.  My mid-week runs have been nonexistent.

With 3 weeks before the LA Marathon, it seems that my running mojo has left me at the worst possible time!!!


I’m planning to get up early for a longer run tomorrow.  It doesn’t have to be a good run… I just need a run to feel like I’m back on track.

Have you ever lost your motivation to run or workout?  How did you get it back?

2 thoughts on “I’ve Lost My Mojo

  1. Oh man, I have been kind of struggling getting prepared for the surf city marathon. I have been under new stresses and have at times just not wanted to train. I have looked into backing out, backing down and generally just wished I had more time.

    I had to realize those where just all weaknesses trying to take advantage of my stresses. I had to look back and realize why I signed up, why I set the goals, and was I really willing to give up on myself so easily? Hell to the NO!

    Being in a very similar time constraint training wise I am committed to making my long training run tomorrow. If I don’t, then I might as well just let the weakness in, and when will it stop after that?

    I also resolved to take the difficult route for my long run. I could have taken the safe route of out and back home again. But if your going to show weakness who’s boss then you take it to the next level and you shut it up for good.

    I am not just going the distance, I am braving the cold 40’s, I am climbing the mountain and I will make those 20+ miles know how has control. So I will not take the easy road when things get rough, when you want to give in to the weakness.

    When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

    Now get on your feet and go the distance! I know you can do this, your strong and capable. The best that happened to me was finding you as a running partner. I had to keep up with your pace without giving in, I had to continually push myself to finish the distance.

    So I know you can do this! Now get your ass out there and make it happen captain 😉

    1. Thanks Robert! I am happy to report that my running mojo is back. I’ll be working at the OC Marathon Booth at Surf City on Friday Night. I’ll probably be at the Expo most of the day Saturday. I’m going to see if we can get a NMAOC group together.

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