Finding My #Innerwild – a Ragnar SoCal Recap Part 2

After a well-deserved rest at the Oceanside Pier, the Van 1 crew was ready for next set of legs of Ragnar SoCal. Exchange 12 was little weird because there wasn’t a literal exchange. Van 2’s last leg (#12) ended in Doheny State Beach and Hoopster had to wait for a signal from the judges to start Leg 13 at the Pier.

All of Van 1’s legs took place in Oceanside.Legs13-18

The view of the sunset was breathtaking!

Source: Danielle Townshend @sweetsumatra
Source: Danielle Townshend @sweetsumatra
Danielle & Danielle


This was a tough leg… and my beard was getting gnarly!

Leg 18, my leg was labeled “Easy” in the course description. I have to disagree. Although this was only a 3 mile run, this was probably my most difficult leg of the race. It was dark. It was isolated…there weren’t a lot of other runners on the course. And there were three hills! It was both a physical and mental challenge. Still, I finished in 27:57 and picked up three kills along the way.

After the exchange at Mira Costa College, it was Van 2’s turn. So we jumped in our vehicle and made our way to Taylor Made Golf in Carlsbad to try to get some sleep. The designated sleeping area was on the grass of a driving range. Sadly, I ended up being allergic to the grass or the chemicals used to maintain the grass so I headed back to the vehicle to get some sleep there. We had about three hours before Van 2 would arrive for the exchange. One more set of legs to go for Van 1!

The designated sleeping area was this way.
The designated sleeping area was this way.

What was the most difficult run you’ve ever had to do? What made it so challenging?




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