What TV Show Represents Your Life Right Now?

Oh man… It’s been a while.

I just skimmed through my previous post… I thought I was exhausted then. Sheesh! I had no idea how busy things would get for me and my family. A couple of weeks ago in our church adult fellowship, our question of the day was “What TV show represents your past week?”

At the time, I couldn’t think of just one TV show to share around the table. I came up with two that summed up our week: “Hoarders” & “Dirty Jobs”

Haha! “Hoarders” because we’re trying to sort through tons of clutter at home and get our house organized. “Dirty Jobs” because we had a rough weekend with our rescue dog, Scooby. After weeks in our home without a poop or pee incident, he decided to make a huge mess in our daughter’s room. Yuck! I was cooking dinner at the time so thankfully Wifey stepped up and took care of it.

Now, if I had to choose what TV show represents my life the past couple of months I would have to go with “Survivor.” Not that my I will be voting anyone off the island, but I feel like I’ve had to overcome physical and mental challenges (and maybe even social ones, too).

But that’s life, right? Outwit, outplay, outlast. But who am I trying to outwit, outplay, and outlast? I think that opponent is within… my susceptibility to nihilism, apathy, complacency, isolation, depression, pessimism, and feelings of futility. To defeat that opponent, I need to ally myself with family, friendship, faith, optimism, passion, joy, encouragement, and positivity.

I may sometimes feel like I’m on Exile Island, but I’m still here. I’m working on it. Getting ready for the next challenge.

What TV show represent your life?


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