SOSI 2014, Day 3: Business and Pleasure

I woke up on Day 3 of Science Olympiad Summer Institute planning to hit the trails again but my son asked if I could go to the resort fitness center with him.  I managed to get a couple of miles on the treadmill in and I led him through a workout.10524741_10203161408489336_8204484181800023213_n

After a shower and some breakfast, it was time for the conference…10502306_10203161632214929_3392739296104225949_n

The morning session got out a little early so I had time to head down to the resort’s Falls Village to have lunch and play with the family.  My wife talked to the server about our dietary needs and they were more than happy to make accommodations.10525785_10203162565078250_3437835670300786156_n1937434_10203162801084150_5581560486921604839_n

Good times! 😉

It was nice to relax for a bit, and I have to admit, I was tempted to skip the next session and stay at the pool.  But, I got cleaned up and made it back to the conference center.

For dinner, we left the resort and had our third meal at Chipotle this week.  The kids are getting tired of Chipotle but my wife and I don’t want to risk getting glutened so far away from home.IMG_3876



After dinner, we stopped at Sprouts to stock up on food and snack to have at the hotel room. photo

By the way, the weather has been great!  Although we had to deal with a monsoon on Monday night, the rest of our time here has been very pleasant.  For a July in Phoenix, it actually hasn’t been terribly hot.  Compared to past summers that we’ve spent in Phoenix, this week has felt pretty mild!

I’m glad that my family was able to come along on this trip.  It’s nice to be able to combine a business trip and family vacation (sort of).

What are some ways that you mix business and pleasure?  Let’s keep the comments family friendly. 😉



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