SOSI 2014, Day 2: Stinky and Hangry

Despite staying up pretty late, I had no trouble getting up early on Day 2 of Science Olympiad Summer Institute.  It was gorgeous outside!

We scored a room with a great view this year!
We scored a room with a great view this year!

At 6 am, I was out the door and headed to North Mountain Park, adjacent to our resort.  Thankfully, it wasn’t very wet or muddy from the previous night’s storm.  IMG_2737 IMG_2741 IMG_2743 IMG_2746 IMG_2747

After a 3 mile run/hike, it was time to eat… I went down to the courtyard where the SOSI participants were supposed to get breakfast but it wasn’t ready yet.  I would’ve waited but I was too hungry and stinky after my run to stick around. I went back up to the room to get cleaned up and eat.

My balcony has a better view than the courtyard, anyway.
My balcony has a better view than the courtyard, anyway.

Then, it was time for work.  IMG_2763

This is my 6th time attending the Science Olympiad Summer Institute.  Here, we spend almost a week covering the 23 events that will make up this upcoming year’s competition.  These sessions can make for really long days, starting at around 8 am and ending after 9 pm. Thankfully, I have enough experience that I don’t need to attend every single session.  There are a few events that I feel pretty comfortable with and I don’t feel like I need additional training for.  It’s nice to be able to get away and spend some time with my family at the resort or go into town to get something to eat with them.

Meal #2 at Chipotle this week.
Meal #2 at Chipotle this week.

For lunch, we drove down to Chipotle since it’s an easy gluten free and vegan option for me.  Later that evening, after more sessions, we went out to Whole Foods for dinner.  There were options for my wife and kids, but sadly there wasn’t much for me to eat there unless I wanted to settle for a salad.  I guess I’ve been spoiled by the huge hot foods bar at the Whole Foods Market in Tustin.  Bummed and hangry, I went back to the hotel room and ate fruit and hummus for dinner while Maria and the kids played a board game.IMG_3872

As you can see, I’m still coming to terms with and adjusting to traveling with my restrictive dietary needs.

How do you try to exercise and eat healthy while traveling?

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