One Month Deep

I can’t believe I’ve been on summer vacation for an entire month now! I had this mental list of things I wanted to do and I’m sad to say that many of them have not been checked off…

That’s okay though. I’m still enjoying a break from the daily grind of school. Plus, I did get to do at least a couple of the big things that planned for. I guess now is a good time to get caught up on a recap of this month.

Things I did do:

  • I cleaned up my classroom and purged a ton of stuff that I didn’t need anymore.1907655_10202844498246778_6562602822880027775_n
  • I camped overnight in Idyllwild and ran a 10k out there with my buddy. Read about it here. IMG_2307
  • My principal and I attended a luncheon at Alcoa, our very generous educational partner. I’ll be writing about what Alcoa has done for me and my classroom soon. IMG_2412
  • My family and I went camping with our church fellowship group.IMG_3544
  • I tried out some new recipes.10520094_10203051754388052_2301849329336743606_n
  • I recovered my running mojo and have been more consistently running.10447157_10203029314387066_6309335141909564090_n
  • I’ve just been spending a lot of time relaxing outside with the family.IMG_3699 10411222_10203049277606134_4938223131198741894_n 10462599_10203024026774879_1573552695818936532_nIMG_3586

Things I still have to do:

  • Clean, purge, and organize things around the house.
  • Take care of some household repair projects & change a lot of lightbulbs.
  • Paint some walls.
  • Attend the Science Olympiad Summer Institute in Phoenix, AZ with my family.
  • Set up my home gym so I can start lifting weights again.

There were a lot more items on this list when I was planning it back in May, but I’m not going to stress out over it. There will always be things that need to get done but there won’t always be this time to relax and recharge my batteries.

Do you have a summer to-do list or bucket list? What’s on your list? What have you checked off so far?


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