One Month Deep

I can’t believe I’ve been on summer vacation for an entire month now! I had this mental list of things I wanted to do and I’m sad to say that many of them have not been checked off… That’s okay though. I’m still enjoying a break from the daily grind of school. Plus, I did … More One Month Deep

Doughnuts with Dad – Gluten Free Recipe

Happy Fathers Day!  In the past, this day guaranteed doughnuts. I love doughnuts. Sadly, gluten free vegan doughnuts are hard to come by.  I’ve found gluten free doughnuts.  I’ve found vegan doughnuts.  But for gluten free vegan ones, I’d have to trek pretty far to find them. Thankfully, I found a recipe for vegan doughnuts … More Doughnuts with Dad – Gluten Free Recipe

Another Milestone

Even before my son was born, I was obsessed with milestones.   During my wife’s pregnancy, I wanted to know how he was growing. I monitored his progress throughout his infancy and his toddler years. Even now in his teenage years, although I may not perseverate as much as I used to, I still pay attention. … More Another Milestone