Key Issues Institute, Day 4

[Originally Published 08.03.2013]

Friday, at the Institute, was data collection day. Three groups were sent out to three different locations to test water quality.

At each location we had three stations where different measurements had to be taken:
1. biodiversity
2. depth & surface velocity
3. dissolved oxygen, zinc, & pH

So on went the waders…




Hands-on science was fun! By the way, we dubbed ourselves “The A-Team.” (I pity the fool…) Good news: I didn’t slip and fall into the water. Bad news: I didn’t get an awesome photo op because I didn’t fall in the water. 😉

After we finished collecting our data, our group was given the opportunity to tour the Country Boy mine downstream. It’s no longer an active mine but still generates revenue by providing tours, explaining the area’s history.




Through the tour, I got some serious insight on the mining industry back at the turn of the century. I’m honestly don’t think I could have worked as a miner. I was a little freaked out just going 1/4 mile into the mountain for a few minutes. Thankfully, I didn’t have to deal with cave-in or outrun any giant boulders. But at least I had a contingecy plan…


After we got back from the field, we had more hands on tests to do.



Do you have any fun memories from science class?


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