Key Issues Institute, Day 3

[Originally Published 07.31.2013]

Thursday morning a group of us left the hotel at 6 am to walk the Ptarmigan Trail behind the La Quinta Inn. The fresh air and spectacular views made this walk a great start to the day here at the Institute.


In today’s first session the focus was on sustainability– more specifically the three E’s of sustainability: The Environment, Economics, and Social Equity. We were introduced to a tool called “Triangle Triage” which we can use to help rate and assess sustainability. To apply our understanding of sustainability, we were given a hypothetical development project and we were required to plan the most sustainable solution.
Today’s field trip was at Dillon Marina, where we were got to enjoy lunch with an amazing view.
We were lucky to hear a presentation about sustainable forest managements as we ate. After lunch, we were given some free time to take in the sights.





After we returned to the hotel, we continued work on our project. We also completed a lab about parts per million and did more investigative work into the local environmental issue that we were introduced to the day before.


So far Key Issues has really prompted me to consider the sustainability of my lifestyle. I couldn’t help but think what it would look like on a triangle triage.

How sustainable would you say your lifestyle is?

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