Invasive Inspection

[Originally Published 07.09.2013]

Wow… Three weeks of summer vacation have already expired! It’s been a pretty eventful three weeks, too! Here’s a recap of the second week of break.

After we returned from camping, I checked my family into a local hotel for a couple of days. My home was randomly selected by the Homeowners Association to be inspected. The HOA is trying to build a case against the builder and they needed to cite examples any examples of where the builder may have cut too many corners. I think they randomly selected 5 homes to go through this inspection.

This inspection was pretty invasive. A number of experts were walking through my home taking pictures, cutting into drywall, testing windows… It was a big mess!

Yeah, it was pretty inconvenient but I’m thankful the inspection was scheduled during a time I could stay home. The good news is that they didn’t find any serious issues in my home. The crew also did a pretty good job restoring everything back to the way they found it.

After the dust settled, we spent a few days at home. The kids kept themselves busy.


Although I haven’t been as consistent as I was planning to, I still managed to get a couple of runs in that week.


I can’t believe how quickly summer seems to be going by. How is your summer going?

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