Balancing Work and Play

[Originally Published 07.23.2013]

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Science Olympiad Summer Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. This was my fifth time attending this conference but it was easily my favorite, mainly because my family tagged along for the trip so they could enjoy the resort while I attended the various sessions at the conference.

The conference was loaded with info that will help give my students a competitive edge this year. Last year at the Orange County Regionals we missed qualifying for the State Finals by three points! This year we’re making a comeback!


Since my family was with me, I made sure to break away every once in a while and hang out with them–besides, I couldn’t let them have all of the fun.





I also tried to balance out all of the time I spent sitting in sessions with some active time. I went out for a trail “run” twice… Sheesh! That was tough!




I even organized a hike in North Moutain/Shaw Butte with a small group of my fellow coaches one morning.


20130723-083908.jpg (Photo by Emily)

But one of the big highlights of this trip was getting to meet @runemz! My wife and I got sit and chat with her for a little while. She is such a nice person– she even brought us gifts!



At the end of the week, it was actually bittersweet to pack up and head home. Sure, the temps were a lot hotter than we were used to but we were really enjoying the break from our real life back in SoCal. Until next time, Phoenix!


How do you try to balance work and play?

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