Learning to Breathe

It’s official. I have obstructive sleep apnea. Last month’s sleep study proved that my airway is being blocked during my sleep. So not only do I snore, but I’m only getting about 84% of the oxygen I need. Scary!

This week, I finally received my Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP machine. On Tuesday, I attended an hour-long training session on how to use it at Apria Healthcare in Brea. We saw a video and learned how to use and maintain the CPAP and accessories.





There are a variety of different mask options to choose from. I was prescribed the mask on the right since that’s the type I used during the sleep study. We’ll see how this one works for me in the long run.



So I’ve been using this for a few nights now. It’s taking some time to adjust. One night, my allergies were really bugging me so I could wear my mask with all of the nasal congestion I was experiencing. I’m also trying to figure out which humidity setting is ideal for me.

Although having to use and maintain this equipment is a nuisance, I know I need it. I hope this works. Perhaps, this will help me resolve some of my other health issues and I can get back to more regular and intense workouts.



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