“Hoo” Else Feels Like This Right Now?

[Originally Published 06.04.2013]

I’m in the final stretch of the school year….


I don’t know why, but these last few weeks of school have been ridiculously busy… evenings, especially. In addition to planning lessons and grading, There have been a lot of school functions to attend. If I’m not attending a school function as a teacher, I’m attending a one as a parent. It’s a double whammy!

It’s taken a toll. My energy level is low. Sadly, I’ve been using my busyness to rationalize not running and workout.

Thankfully, the end is near. My last official day of work is June 14. I plan to get back to a regular exercise routine. Until then, I’ll try to fit in some miles here and there.

How do you stay active when life gets really hectic and busy?


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