Camping with the Teardrop

[Originally Published 06.24.2013]

I always overpack. I guess I fear that I might need something on a trip so I’ll pack it just in case. Most of the time, I’m guilty of taking “everything but the kitchen sink.” This time, however, I did bring the kitchen sink. 20130624-211404.jpg

My buddy let me borrow his Teardrop Trailer for the weekend. My wife is not a fan of tent camping and I didn’t want to rent an RV so this gave us a happy medium. A very happy medium. This little trailer was so cool! Our friends from our adult fellowship at church and even complete strangers wanted to come check out the Teardrop.

Let me give you the 5 cent tour:

It’s pretty light so my Subaru Outback had no trouble towing it– even with my bike rack attached to it. 20130624-212525.jpg

The inside of the Teardrop has plenty storage cabinets and a full-size bed that comfortably sleeps two adults. There is even storage underneath the mattress. At the top of the trailer is a two-way fan to help facilitate circulation. A 12 volt battery powers the lights and water pump. It also has electrical outlets for use when the trailer is plugged in to electric hook ups. 20130624-213057.jpg

Probably my favorite part of the Teardrop Trailer is the galley. Opening the hatch reveals a functional camp kitchen, equipped with a sink and pull-out stove.



The galley enabled me to cook lots of meals during the weekend and have clean dishes too!


Now, we didn’t just eat during this camp out. We went with friends from Becoming One, our adult fellowship at church. I did a lot of relaxing and playing music.


We rode our our bikes.

The kids unplugged themselves from their digital toys, interacting with other kids and nature.

And at night, we had fun around the campfire talking and making s’mores one night and doughnuts another night.

All good things must come to an end. *sigh*


We spent a great family weekend at Caspers Wilderness Park creating lots of memories with friends and family.

What are some of your favorite memories from summer vacation?

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